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Veglo Commuter X4 Wearable Rear Light

Veglo Commuter X4 Wearable Rear Light

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Veglo Commuter X4 Wearable Rear Light
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Okay, we admit it, we've always wanted to be looked at like we light up the room. But now we can light up the street instead. The Veglo Commuter X4 is a wearable rear light for urban or rural use, you can even wear it around the house if you like.

The Commuter X4 has a central projective light as well as 4 fibre optic light guides which can be controlled separately to the centre light to give a range of running modes. It has a run time of 3.5 to 20 hours, depending on the mode used and is easily recharged via the included USB cable.

Fits over most backpacks up to 35L and can also be worn over the shoulders without a backpack. The adjustable straps mean you can position the Commuter X4 just how you want it.