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Oxford RainSeal Waterproofing Spray

Oxford RainSeal Waterproofing Spray

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Oxford RainSeal Waterproofing Spray
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♫ Raindrops keep falling on our heads... ♫

But they just bounce right off our clothes thanks to RainSeal from Oxford Products, a remarkable spray designed to waterproof and protect virtually any fabric, especially polyester, cotton and nylon. It also lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly than similar silicon based products so your eyes wont be turning red either.

Designed to be used on clothing, outdoor coverings, tents, and even carpet, RainSeal creates an invisible barrier to protect against water, dirt, and oils. It also includes UV inhibitors to give added protection from the suns harmful rays.

Oxford RainSeal, because you're not going to stop the rain by complaining! ♪♫♪

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