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Zefal Tubeless Tank

Zefal Tubeless Tank
Zefal Tubeless TankZefal Tubeless TankZefal Tubeless Tank

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Zefal Tubeless Tank
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Ever had trouble getting a tubeless tyre mounted on your wheel properly? You struggle and strain but can't quite get that bead to seat all the way round? Well, blow all that away with the Tubeless Tank from Zefal.

Designed to quickly and easily force tubeless tyres onto the bead using their "Boost Air System". Simply attach the Tubeless Tank to your floor pump and wheel, pressurize the tank to over 145 psi with your pump, then give the tank switch a quick stomp and WHOOSH! The Tubeless Tank will dump all its pressurized air very quickly into your wheel forcing the tyre to pop out onto the bead on even the most stubborn of rims.

The Tubeless Tank has a strong internal aluminium chamber with a 1L capacity that is designed to hold up to 230 psi (or 16 bar). The durable ABS Thermoplastic outer shell will stand up to workshop life or travelling to events wherever you may need it.

Recommended for use with a high capacity floor pump like the Zefal Profil Max FP30.

Download the user guide direct from Zefal Here.