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Oxford Tyre Scrub Brush

Oxford Tyre Scrub Brush

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Oxford Tyre Scrub Brush
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Ever been for a ride then come home and cleaned your bike up nice, but the tyres just still look filthy. Or maybe you tried to clean your tyres and just couldn't get the dirt out from all those knobbly knobs. Well, problem solved.

The Tyre Scrub Brush from Oxford Products is designed specifically for cleaning tyres. It has a concave head so the bristle section curves around your tyres allowing you to get a good even brushing pressure right across the face.

That's the tyre face though, not your face, you don't want to be brushing these stiff, durable nylon bristles on your face. It's also recommended to avoid brushing your bikes frame and paintwork as well.

The head of the brush features rubberised impact zones to help protect you paint from accidental chips and scratches if you get a bit too vigorous in your brushing. The handle is also strong and impact resistant.