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Muc-Off Microcell Sponge

Muc-Off Microcell Sponge

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Muc-Off Microcell Sponge
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The staff at ExpressTurtle have been described as soft and squidgy. It’s something we share with this Microcell Expanding Sponge from Muc-Off . Like us, it is made from high quality material, has a contoured shape for maximum comfort as well as a large surface area for cleaning. Ok, it’s not exactly like us, but some of our staff are contoured. And some have a larger surface area than others. Maybe we should leave it at that aye?

The Sponge comes in a vacuum sealed package approximately 1/5th of the actual size of the sponge. This helps Muc-Off to reduce their carbon footprint by using less plastic materials in the packaging. Once you open the pack, watch the sponge expand and grow to its full size.