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Crankalicious Digit Mitt Wax Applicator

Crankalicious Digit Mitt Wax Applicator
Crankalicious Digit Mitt Wax ApplicatorCrankalicious Digit Mitt Wax Applicator

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Crankalicious Digit Mitt Wax Applicator
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You know that feeling when you want the perfect tool for the job but you just can't find it? Well the guys at Crankalicious couldn't find the perfect wax applicator for their Crisp Frame Hybrid Frame Wax, so they decided to make one!

These hand stitched Digit Mitts are made from the softest 110ppi foam (the densest foam you can get) which means the wax is kept on the surface of the frame rather than absorbing into the applicator. They also have an internal seam so there is no "sonic weld" around the edge to mar the soft finish.

The Digit Mitt design is comfortable to use and gives you the feeling of applying wax with your fingertips, yet with the consistency of a foam pad application. They're also difficult to drop and don't tend to blow away in a light breeze.

After use, simply apply washing liquid to remove wax residue then rinse under a running tap and allow to air dry.