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KORE 29er Realm 3.0 Rim

KORE 29er Realm 3.0 Rim

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KORE 29er Realm 3.0 Rim
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Why go wide, you may say. Well why not? we say. More to the point, a wider rim allows you to run lower pressures in your MTB tyres allowing for a more flexible contact patch as well as giving you more rubber to put down on the track. This adds up to provide better grip and traction. So that's why you go wide.

Now, go wide in style with the 29 inch Realm 3.0 Rim from KORE. It features a 30mm inner bead width allowing you to easily fit even the fattest of 29" plus sized tyres, yet still works great with narrower tyres.

Designed for disc brakes only, this rim features eyelets on its 32 spoke holes and has a rounded 21mm tall profile as well as a sleeved joint. The dual anodized matte black finish provides a great base for the stunning KORE Realm 3.0 graphics.