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700 x 23 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless

700 x 23 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless
700 x 23 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless

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700 x 23 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless
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The R&D team at Hutchinson really put everything they had into this one so we better get serious for a minute. The new Fusion 5 is the culmination of 2 years in development with 105 compound combination trials, 80,000 miles (nearly 130,000km) on test benches, and 21,000 miles (34,000km) on the bike. This tyre is at the pinnacle of road tyre technology.

The Fusion 5 Performance models are constructed using Hutchinson's HDF 5.2 rubber compound developed with the aim of offering a perfect compromise between compound thickness and puncture resistance. The compound hits a middle ground between the Fusion 5 Galactik and the Fusion 5 All Season with a 1.2mm thickness. It also includes a Kevlar Pro Tech reinforcement layer to protect against punctures.

This 700 x 23 folding bead tyre is constructed with a 127 TPI casing, weighs in at 295 grams, and features Hutchinson's Road Tubeless technology.

Developed as the next generation of bicycle tyres, Road Tubeless tyres are the height of current clincher technology. They feature bead to bead puncture protection, a butyl sealing liner, and folding carbon beads. The advantages include excellent rolling resistance, fewer punctures (no pinch flats) and a safer tyre. In the instance of a puncture, the tyre stays on the rim.

A fantastic tyre for competitors who want to ride the best and for day to day cyclists that don't want to choose between durability and performance.