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27.5 X 2.25 Hutchinson Taipan

27.5 X 2.25 Hutchinson Taipan
27.5 X 2.25 Hutchinson Taipan27.5 X 2.25 Hutchinson Taipan

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27.5 X 2.25 Hutchinson Taipan
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The team at Hutchinson really outdid themselves this time. While traditional MTB tyre design is targeted to specific terrains or conditions, Hutchinson started from scratch with the idea to create a unique XC tyre that wasn't limited by your location.

The result is the fantastic Hutchinson Taipan with wide spaced knobs to shed mud, raised geometric ridges to hang on to roots and small rocks, as well as angled knob ramps that act like anchors when you grab that brake lever. The centre tread section also features 3mm knobs that deliver grip without severely impacting rolling resistance.

This 27.5 x 2.25 version features a 33 TPI casing with a wire bead and weighs in at 710 grams.