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Selle Anatomica Titanico Saddle

Selle Anatomica Titanico Saddle

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Selle Anatomica Titanico Saddle
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Saddles and pelvises (yes, that is the correct plural of pelvis!) generally don’t get on too well. While either side of your pelvis moves independently, traditional saddles remain steadfast and often uncomfortable. This Saddle Selle Anatomica Titanico Truleather Vintage saddle (try saying that without your teeth in) has been designed to be pelvis friendly, with excellent results. The specific shape of the patented slot allows the saddle to move with you, reducing perineal pressure, sit bone pain, and saddle sores

Innovative Chromoly Rails and a TruLeather top layer supported by a single laminate round out the features of this forgiving design recommended for riders up to 72 kg. This saddle has no break in period. It feels good from day one

Vegetable oil, tree bark, and a significant amount of time are integral parts of this historic tanning process that result in a firm, stretch resistant leather. TruLeather is designed with veteran riders in mind. The classic characteristics and flex will feel familiar yet better than ever before. TruLeather is factory treated with Selle Anatomica Saddle Sauce to resist the elements

Titanico is supported by extra long rails for added adjustability and maximum comfort. Chromoly steel also ensures that they will not bend even under riders up to 113 kg