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Zefal Espion Z56 Mirror

Zefal Espion Z56 Mirror
Zefal Espion Z56 MirrorZefal Espion Z56 Mirror

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Zefal Espion Z56 Mirror
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Espion is certainly a fitting name for a Zefal mirror, since it is french for Spy. You'll be able to easily spy on the traffic around you with the large 56 square centimetre mirror.

Ideal for urban or leisure, E-Bikes or commuters, long distance or short. The Zefal Espion Z56 mirror has a sturdy 230mm stem made from a reinforced fibreglass composite material. Designed to mount to your handlebars it is available in left or right orientation to suit mounting either side of your bars.

The double 360 degree adjustment points mean you can easily position the Espion Z56 to your liking. It also allows for the mirror to be folded out of the way when transporting, parking, or storing you're bike.

The large mirror provides great visibility but is also made out of chromed ABS plastic meaning it wont shatter or leave dangerous shards if the worst happens and you have a fall or crash.