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Sigma R1 Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap

Sigma R1 Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap

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Sigma R1 Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap
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King Harald Bluetooth, who ruled Denmark in the 10th century never rode a bike, but did live a completely wireless existence (as did everyone else in the 10th century). He lent his name to Bluetooth apparently, which brings us nicely onto the Sigma R1 Bluetooth® heart rate monitor, handily attached to a strap and wirelessly compatible with most devices and sports apps.

This allows the committed cyclist to track the intensity of his or her workouts with unprecedented accuracy in fantastic comfort. The R1 is attached to a COMFORTEX+ textile chest belt: an ultra-light, comfortable, well-fitting (and dashing) belt that features laminated electrodes for better skin contact.

Pair this with your favourite Android device or iPhone and one of the many sports apps out there and you have a fantastic training tool to monitor your heart rate.

Transmits the following information:
Compatible with all Android devices with Bluetooth® SMART READY technology AND Android OS from version 4.3 upwards. Also compatible with iPhones (4s and above) , iPod touch (5th gen. and above), iPad (3rd gen. and above), iPad Mini, iPod Nano (7th gen. and above). Can also communicate to all devices that support Bluetooth® SMART READY technology (also known as Bluetooth® 4.0 and previously Bluetooth® Low Energy technology).