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Sigma BC 9.16 Wired Computer

Sigma BC 9.16 Wired Computer
Sigma BC 9.16 Wired ComputerSigma BC 9.16 Wired ComputerSigma BC 9.16 Wired Computer

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Sigma BC 9.16 Wired Computer
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As we all know, riding a bike is one of the best and easiest ways to get in shape. What other exercise can you do while sitting down huh? Well Sigma have made it even easier with the BC 9.16 Wired Cycle Computer which can monitor your calories burned, based off your speed and ride time. Neato!

On top of being able to monitor your calories burned, the BC 9.16 manages your basic cycle computer functions as well as a few extras. Maximum speed, speed comparison, average speed, total ride time, all these can be read easily thanks to the large clear display.

The Sigma BC 9.16 is quick and easy to set up with several language options to choose from and predefined wheel sizes from 16 inch through to 700c and 29er. Although you can manually specify the tyre size as well if you like. The tool free installation allows you attach the mount to your handlebars or stem and the wired sensor easily attaches to your fork with the o-ring supplied.

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